Tell Me Your Story
by Jenny & David Heitler-Klevans, © 2009

This song was commissioned by the Camp Hill School District, as a theme song for an Oral History songwriting residency there, in which the students interviewed members of their community and then wrote songs based on these life stories.


Tell me your story, I want to know

what life was like - so long ago

Tell me your story, I want to hear

how things have changed - over the years.

Sitting on the sofa next to Grandpa

I started asking questions 'bout his life.

"Did you have T.V. when you were my age?"

"How did you ask Gram to be your wife?"

His voyage to this country was exciting

He learned the language, opened up a store.

Eyes twinkled when he talked about his children

Tears came when he thought about the war.


Out around the block, I saw my neighbor

We started talking 'bout her memories.

I was amazed at all the things she'd been through

Her stories' filled with so much history.

She grew up in the South with segregation

where unfair laws kept blacks away from whites.

Her eyes gleamed with fierce determination

She never gave up fighting for her rights.



Some people think that history is boring

Just endless lists of places, dates and names.

But history is really people's stories

The hardships that they finally overcame.


Tell me your story - I want to know.

Jenny Heitler-Klevans: lead vocals

David Heitler-Klevans: lead and descant vocals, acoustic guitars

John Conahan : piano

Jeff Lee Johnson: electric guitars

Chico Huff: bass

Grant MacAvoy: muffled drums

Mayra Casales: percussion (congas, shakers, tambourine)

Daniel Delaney: ‘cello

Kids’ Chorus: Keilan Barber, Ciara Barratt, Marlee Berger, Sara Blackman, Thomas McKenzie-Smith, Sasha Narine, Becca Neckritz, Sophie Samaha, Alyssa Townsend, Anita Zhu


from the album
Sing Me Your Story
Sing Me Your Story



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