Woe Is Me (The Anti-Smoking Song)
words by Yotam Schachter © 1995; music ("Shame and Scandel")

These lyrics were written by talented 10-yr. old Yotam, about the tobacco industry.  Have you ever written a song?  If you make up a song you really like, send us a tape - we'd love to hear it!

In America there is an industry
with as much scandal as you will see.
There is a Newport and a Camel and a Marlboro
Poisoning us though we don't think so.

Woe is me!  Cheat and scandal in the industry.
Woe is me!  Cheat and scandal in the industry.

In a cigarette you're smoking cyanide,
benzene, arsenic, and formaldehyde.
There's something you probably didn't know before.
Drugs and alcohol kill many, but tobacco kills more.


The tobacco industry is really cheap.
All they do is lie and they get money in heaps.
They say it's cool, sexy and neat,
but it makes you feel bad from your head to your feet.


So if you're thinking about smoking, think about this;
it's killing yourself and the people you're with.
If your friends tell you to give it a try
say it's bad for me, so why should I?



from the album
Love Makes A Family
Love Makes A Family



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